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star The stress free Complete Party option is the favourite with parents as it allows them to enjoy the party with their children rather than worrying about organising a large group of children. Suitable from 4 - 11 years. Each party is tailored to to the age group at the party with age appropriate magic, games, etc.



star Introducing Andy (Better known as Razamatazz). A full time professional magician and children's entertainer with over 16 years professional experience. Here is the two hour complete party experience which has 2 full hours of non stop children's entertainment !!

star Full magic show including a real live magic rabbit. Break for food during which time every child at the party is made a fantastic balloon model of their choice (up to 25 children). Then there are crazy games, competitions and a prize for each child to choose from the Razamatazz Magic shop !

star Andy prides himself on his reputation for amazing stress free, fun parties. Also every booking has guaranteed reliabilty and written confirmation through the post for total peace of mind !

star You just supply the party food, then sit back, relax and let Andy do all the hard work for you keeping the children entertained for the whole 2 hours of the party, making it a big success and great memories for your child !



star Razamatazz brings all the fun and entertainments you supply the party food. With the 2 hour party option the children eat in the middle (Approx 45 minutes into the party) and while they are eating, each child is made a balloon model of their choice. All balloons are then safely put into a jumbo clear sack to be given out as they leave the party. All the children go home happy after a fantastic time and mum and dad have enjoyed the party instead of being run ragged trying to entertain all the children!!!

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star Razamatazz crazy games are featured in the two hour party using many colourful props.

Spinning Plates

Rodney Rabbit


star Rodney the real magic rabbit appears in the show after very special magic by the birthday child. He is a soft and fluffy pure white blue eyed bunny, very cute and cuddly and is always a big hit with the audience. All the children get to gently pet Rodney at the end.



star What children don't like balloon models ? They are a great addition to any party and guaranteed to make the children smile. A balloon model is made for every child at the party of their choice.

star Because Andy is an experienced entertainer, he can make sure all the children get a balloon model made quickly to order while they are eating their party food.. No one is left out !

starThe balloons are only given out at the end of the party as everyone leaves. This ensures that they are not distracting to the adults and preserves them for best quality and makes a nice takeaway gift to remind them of the party.



Balloon dog

star A special balloon model can be made prior to the party for the birthday child on request!


Razamatazz Balloon Models

Razamatazzprofessional childrens entertainers based in wiltshire in the united kingdom

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star A selection of items are brought to every show and are hand picked to suit the age range of the children attending the party for maximum fun, usually finishing with their special own invention "magic limbo" game which is always a huge hit at every party !


Cups and Plates Game

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star Andy does not feel it's fair to give out spot prizes to children for games. So every child will choose their own prize from the Razamatazz magic shop at the end of the game time. This ensures no child gets left out and all are happy with no tears!!!

star Please note: All prizes given out have CE (Safety Trademark) approval and all sweets are branded and are sealed (Chupa Chup Lollies, Haribo Sweets, etc).



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star Razamatazz shows use children friendly pattern lights which have been specially selected for maximum fun and effect, also they are non - strobic for safety. Giant patterns sparkle over the floors and walls to give a very magical effect to the delight of all the children.

star Please note: No unsafe lazers or smoke are used in the show!

Razamatazz Show



star Due to the popularity of Razamatazz, please book early to avoid dissappointment. Try to be as flexible as you can with your date and time of the party. Remember it is easier finding a venue than good entertainers so try to plan ahead of the party.



star The Complete party is finished off with a high power bubble machine that fills the hall with bubbles which sparkle different colours in the special colourful disco lights. This is a great finale to a fun and exciting party. Razamatazz professional children's entertainers make the party a day to remember !

star Please note: Razamatazz only use special Early Learning bubble fluid which has been approved safe to use with children and do not use commercial bubble fluid used by many disco companies.


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