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Not many people know that Andy & Sue don't just do children's magic shows. You might be interested to know that they are also close up magicians, an accomplished illusion act & even have performed a fantastic clown show.

Below you will see a gallery of photos taken from one of the various great Illusion stage shows. Here you can see the facinating world of Razamatazz magic and illusion. This is a small selection of many illusions that Andy & Sue have performed & these illusion photos are not in performance order and were taken during several spot performances throughout an evening of entertainments.




Any Fant with Andy and Sue before illusion show at the Devere hotel Swindon

Andy & Sue waiting to go on stage at the Devere Hotel in Swindon with our roadie Andy Fant before their illusion show for Honda.



Andy Fant with Andy and Sue at the Devere Hotel Swindon

Andy Fant has been a great friend over the years. His technical knowledge & advice have been a big help & thanks to his support as well as helping design & modify complicated stage illusions for the shows all has been a big success. The Theme of the night was science fiction hence you can see the back of a full size cardboard cut out of Darth Vader behind !





Blammo Box Illusion at the De Vere Hotel Swindon

A large cabinet is wheeled on stage. The cabinet has a large window with yellow stripes so that the audience can see into the illusion. Andy enters the stage in a sci fi costume holding a doll also dressed in a silver sci fi costume. The doll is placed into the cabinet in full view of the audience. Andy stands back and stares at the illusion.



Blammo Box Girl Appearance

Amazingly, the doll magically moves inside the illusion and the audience can see the doll start to dance.Andy rotates the cabinet around so that the audience can see all round the illusion.

Finally there is a loud bang & bright flash from pyrotechnic effects as Andy removes the lid from the illusion.The sides collapse !!!



Blammo Box Finale

The doll vanishes & Sue appears by magic wearing the same costume as the doll. She has now become a life sized living doll. A fantastic start to the show !!!




Andy & Sue are on stage. A frame is brought on & fastened around Sue's middle. The lights on stage go out & Andy brings on a rack of flourecent light tubes all lit up.


Lights through body illusion

The flourecent lights are switched off & then are pushed into the frame clipped around Sue so that the long light strips go through her body & come out the front.



Flourescent light tubes through body illusion

Now Andy switches the lights back on to show they are still fully working & have gone right through Sue's body.How do they do it .... Sorry they wont tell you, ........ it's MAGIC !!!





Appearing magic doves

Andy and Sue magically produce several beautiful white doves on stage in front of the audience showing these graceful birds flapping their wings as they walk the birds up their fingers.



Vanishing dove cage

The doves are placed one by one into a large bird cage at the back of the stage. Sue now covers the cage with a black velvet cloth and starts to float the cage into the air !



Dove cage vanish

Sue now shows her magical power as she throws the cloth away to reveal the cage and doves have vanished into thin air !!! This is an audience favourite, and it's good job too because doves take many hours of practice to train and use in a show. Also they have to be well looked after at home in their cages so it is nice to see the audience still love to see these beautiful birds perform.





Spaer Cabinet Illusion

The Spear cabinet is hard to master but really amazing to watch.

Sue climbs into a cabinet which has just enough room for her to fit her body into, the lid of the box is then closed. Andy then pushes 14 solid metal spears through the box one by one until they come out the other side.



End of illusion show

The cabinet is then opened at the front and back so that the audience can see right through. All the spears can be seen going right through the illusion but Sue has completely vanished.The doors on the cabinet are now shut and the spears removed.When the lid is opened there is a pyrotechnic explosion - you can see in the photo the smoke residue above them and Sue emerges unhurt and is wearing a totally different costume !!!






Assistants revenge Illusion

This is Andy and Sue's favourite illusion to perform. The Blade box is again difficult to master with many hours of practice to make sure there are no injuries during the illusion. Andy and Sue prepare to start the illusion. The door is opened on the illusion behind. Again there is just enough space for Sue to fit into the cabinet. The door is then closed.



Blade box illusion

Andy inserts 6 large red handled solid metal blades right through the illusion, and 1 giant one down the centre so Sue has nowhere to go. Well that is, apart from the black and yellow striped area in the middle of the cabinet. Could she have squeezed into that space ?



Blade box illusion at the Devere Hotel Swindon

Errrr No !!!. Andy pushes a giant hollow box through the middle so the audience can see right through the illusion. The illusion is then rotated so the blades can be seen coming out of the back. So where is Sue ?



Blade box finale


The Blades and box are removed. Sue climbs out unhurt ...... thats magic !!!!!!!




This illusion was so popular that Andy and Sue performed the Blade Box on their wedding day infront of a packed audience of many magicians, clowns, family, wedding guests and national papers. There was even magazine articles in a top magazines about how Sue got sliced and diced on her wedding day !!!!



Andy and Sue Wedding illusion



Andy and Sue on their Wedding day. In wedding dress they performed the Blade Box illusion infront of all the national newspapers, and packed room with full of guests. The local Swindon Evening Advertiser was also there.





Below is one of the articles that appeared in magazines. Andy and Sue had to laugh at the ridiculous story the magazine made up as very little was actually true - but thats journalists for you !!!





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