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Here are just a few tips that may help to make your child's party enjoyable instead of the headache that many parties become. These tips are based on our years of experience in organising children's parties, also our own children's parties.

Planning well in advance is the first tip for a successful party !



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star A hall is always better than the house for the party as the childrens attention span  is much better but also makes it special for the birthday child.

star Squeakers & blowers are fun at the end of a party NOT the beginning or better still put in the party bags as these can be a big distraction and drive everyone up the wall.

star Try not to litter the floor with balloons as this is usually a big mistake as all the children will want to do is stamp on them to pop them as quick as they can. This causes loud bangs that scare young ones and make them cry but also causes a more serious problem of small children choking on broken bits of balloon if they put them in their mouths !

star Leave the sweet party food separate till the savoury has been eaten to avoid left over food.

star Entertainers enjoy having parents at the party but they can be a distraction if talkative, so kindly ask them to be quiet during the performance so as not to detract from the children's enjoyment.

star Always expect a few extra guests form parents asking if brother or sister can stay so have extra party bags and food.

starGet noticed. Tie a bunch of balloons to a tree in the garden or on the front door so it's easy for your guests (and Entertainer) to find the party.Don't over do it.

starBetween one and a half and two hours is usually long enough for any children's party.Protect your pets.
If you have pets, place them in a safe area away from excited children.Send invitations early.

starBook the entertainment EARLY and send out invitations straight away. Nowadays, children have more hectic social lives than their parents so be organised and plan early!Get children active a.s.a.p.

starAs children arrive, direct them to a game or activity to break the ice and get the party going.Get a cardboard box for presents
Get a big decorated cardboard box and as the children arrive, put the presents they bring safely into it.

starGet help from parents. Use parents who stick around as party assistants. They'll love to participate and you'll love it too.

starPlease don't serve food, drinks or lollies once the magic show has begun.Be ready for the cake
Always know where the camera, matches and lighter are for cake time!




Cartoon party balloons




1. Make a list of children to invite.
2. Decide on the date, time and place for party (Do you need to book a hall)
3. If you are booking entertainment this should also be done now, (Even earlier if you have preferences to the entertainer you want as the popular one's are often busy)
4. What about a theme.(Fancy dress can be fun)
5. Start thinking about the food.
6. Start thinking of games.
7. What type of cake (Are you making it, buying a ready made one or do you need to order one?).
8. Do you need anyone to help ?




1. Phone the parents who haven't replied.

2. Have you some way of playing music for games?.

3. Make sure you or someone will have a camera or video with film for the party.




1. Has the birthday cake been made or collected (remember candles and matches.).

2. Fill the going home bags ready

3. Has all the food been bought.

4. Are the games sorted - pass the parcel wrapped ?

5. Also prepare as much of the food as you can.




1. Are there balloons on the front door or gate.

2. Is the room where the party is being held cleared, (try to remove as much furniture as possible also anything breakable)

3. Are any pets shut away safety ?

4. Have you lots of loo paper ?




Try and keep the mood calm and relaxed before the party, as it is easy for the birthday child's big day to be spoilt by becoming over excited and then tearful, especially if they are young. If this does happen try to keep smiling it will pass.




We think that ideally you are best booking a hall or room for your party, as when the party is finished you can go back to a tidy home rather that spending hours tidying up and putting everything back in place. But if you do decide to have the party at home try to remove or push to the sides sofas and chairs. Remove any breakable items, make sure sockets are covered and remember that if you have booked entertainers a clear space to work in will be needed.




If you have room, it is easier to seat the children at the table for the food. If not we would recommend the disposable party boxes which are popular, especially for the young. The disposable tableware makes clearing away at the end easy. Also keep the food simple children are too excited to eat much and they prefer the crisps and nibbly things like nuggets, sausages etc. to sandwiches and rolls which they have probably had in their school lunchbox all week. The chocolate biscuits and little cakes are also favourites and cartons of juice add to the simplicity too.







star As the children arrive we feel that it is best to put all presents unopened to one side and the birthday child can open them after the party, firstly you can make sure you know who bought which present and send the right 'thank you' note and secondly it is something for the birthday child to look forward to when everyone has gone home.

star It is important also to have something organised that the children can do as they arrive. Not all the children will know each other and won't just go and play. One suggestion is to provide some crayons and paper or a colouring in picture (something simple) at a table. You could even give a prize at the end for the best. This could be themed around the party or birthday childs favourite things !




Cartoon party balloons


star Game ideas Courtesy of Net Mums. Once all the children have arrived it's time for the games, we suggest that you have the energetic games before the party food and then afterward the quieter games. Not only is it vital to pick the right activities but you also need to schedule them carefully so none of the guests gets bored and loses enthusiasm or explodes with over-excitement. It's a tricky balancing act but we've compiled some suggestions to get your party started.




  • Plan a mixture of calm and lively games and switch between the types throughout the party.Keep games short. Even if it's a success don't be tempted to drag it out, children get bored very quickly.Different types of games will allow different children to shine.
  • Give children who are 'out' something to do, eg. helping to judge or referee, drawing, a quick puzzle



starstarstarstarstar PARTY GAMES starstarstarstarstar





  • Balloon race 
  • Divide the childen into equal teams and give each team a balloon. Set out a race course and explain its path. Use a whistle or call 'go' to signal the start. The children pat their balloon along the course. If it hits the floor or a child hits another's balloon they have to start over.
  • Pass the balloon 
  • Children can play a similar game using the same race course but this time passing balloons from between their knees to between the next person's knees, hands behind their back.
  • Traditional musical statues or musical chairs 
  • Let children pick a sweet once they're out.
  • Treasure hunt 
  • Cut out paper eggs (or another object). Before the children arrive hide the eggs all over the house ie Blu-Tack to windows, doors, walls, etc. Give each child a basket, they have to collect 10 paper eggs in their own colour. Reward them with a sweet when they find all their eggs. Those finished can help the stragglers.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey 
  • Tack a picture of a donkey with a missing tail to a wall (not too high as the shorties need to reach it). One at a time, each child is blindfolded and handed a paper 'tail' with a drawing pin (or Blu-Tack for safety's sake) poked through it. The blindfolded child is then spun around a number of times. The child then tries to pin the tail on the donkey. The player who pins their tail closest to the donkey's rear wins.
  • Hot potato 
  • Children pass an object around the circle. It can be a ball, beanbag or even a potato. The children imagine its hot and pass it quickly. When you call 'hot' whoever is holding the potato is out.Don't eat Tommy Smartie Seat the children in a circle. Take Child A out of the room. While they are out, pour a few Smarties onto a plate and get Child B to choose one to be 'Tommy Smartie'. Bring Child A back and send they to the plate in the circle. Child A eats the Smarties until she lifts 'Tommy Smartie' at which point all the children shout: 'DON'T EAT TOMMY SMARTIE!'
  • Dressing up pass the parcel 
  • Fill a bin bag with fancy dress bits and bobs or adult-sized hats/gloves etc. Pass the bag bag around à la Pass the parcel but whoever has it when the music stops has to pick something from the sack without looking and put it on. You can award a prize for the silliest costume at the end.






  • Chocolate game  
  • The children sit in a circle and take turns to throw a dice. If they get a six they put on a hat, scarf and gloves then attempt to eat a wrapped bar of chocolate with a knife and fork. Meanwhile the other children keep on throwing the dice. When the next person throws a six they claim the hat and gloves etc and continue to try and eat the chocolate. It's helpful to have a few mini chocolate bars for anyone who doesn't get a stab at the big one.Make a face Give each child a balloon and a felt-tip pen. Each child draws the hair on her balloon, passes it on and draws the eyes on the next one, and the nose on the next and so on.
  • Pass the (rigged) parcel 
  • Play pass the parcel to music. Hide mini-prizes between the sheets so everyone wins something.
  • Blind drawing 
  • Blindfold half the guests. Give them a pencil and paper and tell them what they are going to draw - choose something that relates to the party theme. Give them 30 - 60 seconds to draw the object. The other guests can enjoy watching the drawings appear; then it's their turn.

  • Blind pirate (or Key game)
  • Blindfold a 'pirate' and seat them on a chair. Place a bunch of keys or 'treasure' under the chair. Another child (one at time) has to creep up, grab the treasure and return to the other end of the room without being detected. If the pirate hears a noise they can point and say 'Ahoy there' and score 3 points. If the pirate points at the thief they win. If the thief gets away with the treasure they become the new pirate.
  • Sleeping lions 
  • All the children lie still as if asleep. A judge roams the room. If they see a child move that child is 'out'. The winner is the last child 'asleep'. (Perfect just before home-time.)




star PARTY GAMES FOR AGE 7+ star

  • Superfast drawing 
  • This is a version of the Pictionary board game. Before the party prepare some cards with words or phrases (could relate to the party theme eg if it's a pirate party then you could have cards with plank, skull, flag, treasure). You need at least 20 cards. Divide the group into teams of three or more. One person from each team comes to you and you show them a card. They must return to their team and draw the word so that their team-mates can guess the word. No gestures or speaking are allowed. You can award points if you want.
  • Spot the leader 
  • Put the children in a circle. One child leaves the room to become the guesser. Put on some music and choose one child to lead the others in clapping along. They must change the rhythm regularly and the body part they hit. When the guesser returns they have to try and guess which child is leading the clapping.
  • Double packers 
  • Children hold hands in pairs. Give each pair an object like a shoe-box or book, a sheet of wrapping paper or newspaper, sellotape and a ribbon. They have to wrap up the 'present' using their free hands. The first pair wins.
  • Where am I going? 
  • Divide the children into equal teams and set up a small circuit. (Remove any dangerous obstructions). One child in each team is blindfolded and the rest of the team call out instructions to send them round the course. Whichever team finishes first wins.


star It seems that now days children expect to have a going home gift it has become a tradition. You can buy little goodie bags that you can fill with sweets and novelties but we feel that the ready prepared bags that you can buy in many shops are a easy and probably cheaper option. Also remember the slice of birthday cake and if you have decorated the room with balloons give them to the children to take home or you will be left with dozens of balloons that will either be wasted or birthday child will want to keep them all !




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Invitations and Thank you cards - Name labels / Badges Paper and Pen - Cloths - Paper Napkins - Paper Plates or Boxes - Paper Cups or Drink Cartons - Balloons - Cake Candles and Matches - Decorations - Music Machine Equipment for Games - Prizes - Goodie Bags and Contents - Food for Children Drink for Children - Birthday cake or Ingredients - Cake Knife - Kitchen Roll - Rubbish Bags - Wet Wipes - Camera with Film !



star SUMMARY star

star We feel that the secret to a good party is you plan it well in advance, you limit the time to 2 hours this is the length of most parties. Keep the age range to around the birthday child's, make the party food simple and if you want to make it easier on yourself book good 'professional' children's entertainers'.


star Book the entertainer before the venue, there are more venues than entertainers and they will have more restrictions due to other bookings.Razamatazz ask that for larger parties you provide a list of children's names attending the party so that they do not miss any children out when giving out prizes etc.

star Offer the ideal solution in their 'Complete party ' in which the 2 hour party is completely organised for you which lets you enjoy this special day with your child. Make it a party to remember not just another party !!















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