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star The Razamatazz Toddler magic show lasts for 45 minutes. The entertainment is suitable for 3 and 4 year old children and staged very carefully so the children are happy and not too nervous.

star Andy makes the little ones giggle and smile with a fun show featuring lots of simple, colourful, story book magic, and cheeky animal puppets! Andy is very experienced with this age group & perform for many Playgroups, Nurseries, Pre Schools, Infant Schools and Toddler Birthday parties with very sucessful shows !


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star The show finishes with the production of a real live, cute and cuddly, soft, fluffy, blue eyed magic rabbit. The magical appearance of Rodney Rabbit is a big surprise and everyone gets to stroke him.

star Toddlers and preschoolers are quite easily impressed (and easily freaked out) so baring this in mind Razamatazz present a show especially catered for 3 – 4 year olds.

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star Knowing how long to perform is the  key to a successful toddler show. Toddlers and preschoolers aren’t exactly known for their long attention spans or for always being good sports, even at toddler birthday parties so timing is important: Late morning, or first thing after lunch, parties work well with most schedules of toddler naps (the last thing you want is a roomful of cranky, overtired toddlers). And keep the guest list manageable, too many partiers can lead to more mayhem and meltdowns.

star Don’t leave parents guessing. On the invite, be specific about when the party will end, whether you’re serving lunch (especially if the timing makes confusion likely), and whether parents are invited or expected to stay (most will plan to if their child is under five, but spelling it out leaves less room for misunderstandings).

star Lastly, ask the parents to kindly not talk over the entertainers. Encourage them to take part rather than spoil the show. There is no point in having entertainers for the children if the parents are going to talk all over them. Yes they will want to catch up on all the latest gossip but this can be done after the show as it’s only 45 mins, max !


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star The toddler show finishes with the bubble machine that blows lots of bubbles into the air for the children to catch. This is great fun for little ones and a super finish to the show !!!

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